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The Baikal Region is distinguished by its climate, unique nature and rich mineral and raw material resources. Many different nationalities live together peacefully in this region.

Irkutsk is one of the great Siberian cities and by right considers itself the capital of Eastern Siberia. Irkutsk is located at almost the very center of Asia. 

Irkutsk is laid out on the banks of the Angara River about 66 kilometers from Lake Baikal. The city occupies 30 600 hectares. The city is divided into four administrative districts Sverdlovsky, Lenmsky, Pravoberezhny, and Oktyabrsky.

In terms of population, Irkutsk is one of the largest cities in Eastern Russia. The population of Irkutsk is 591000 citizens.

Irkutsk lies between the plains and the mountains. The basic water artery is the Angara – the only river, which flows from Lake Baikal. From the West, the Angara is joined by another large river system – Irkut.

The climate in Irkutsk is Continental to the extreme. The winter is sunny. The average temperature in January runs from -15to-35°C. From January until the end of the winter. Irkutsk is covered by the so-called “Siberian Anticyclone” heightened pressure, dry, cloudless weather and large changes in the temperature between night and day. The snow begins to melt at the end of March and in April. The first green grass appears as those months depart. The spring is very rainy with thunderstorms and it occasionally snows. The summer brings hot days and cool nights. The average temperature in July is +25°C. A beautiful summer occurs in late September and October a warm sunny time, painted with the full autumn palette, which leaves an unforgettable impression with everyone who has seen it.

From the moment of its founding, Irkutsk has been a commercial city. Throughout its history, Irkutsk has been renowned for its bustling markets and its merchants for their philanthropy. Now, Irkutsk is an important commercial-industrial center in Eastern Siberia, carrying out trade with 70 foreign countries.

The Irkutsk Airport connects the city with Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Vladivostok and many other Russian cities as well as foreign cities near and far.

Irkutsk is a major educational and scientific center in Siberia. Modern-day Irkutsk is a major industrial center Its primary industries are electrical production, car manufacturing, production of building materials, food processing, textile, medical industry, and many others.