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The Institute of Nursing Education combines the history of Medical College and Higher Nursing Education Department of the Irkutsk State Medical University.
In 1952, Minister of Health of RSFSR Kovrigina M.D. encharged the chief doctor of clinics department of Irkutsk State Medical University, S. I. Goizner, to organize a school where 30 persons should have been gathered in 2 groups. They were studying nursing education. Thus, in Irkutsk a new education institution was established – “The Nursing School”, and already in 1955, a new medical college was opened. It was headed by S. I. Goizner.
In 2002, in the Medical College, a new “Laboratory Diagnosis” department was organized, which aimed to train laboratory technicians to work in diagnostic laboratories of various medical institutions.
The history of the Institution of Nursing Education takes its roots back to 2004 when the first recruitment to the “Health Management and Medical Law” was conducted.
The position of the Dean of the Department, since its creation, has been occupied by Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, corresponding member of RAMS, also the Head of the Pathology, Immunology and Bacteriology Department – I. Zh. Seminskiy.
At the “Nursing” specialty are held various higher education training programs, providing “Manager” qualification. The aim of the university staff is to create qualified nursing personnel with professional competence in the field of management and psycho-pedagogical activities.
In 2011, based on the Higher Nursing Education Department of ISMU and Irkutsk Medical College was organized the Institute of Nursing Education, which is headed by Director of the Institute, Doctor of Medical Science, Professor – I. Zh. Seminskiy.
Nowadays, the Institute of Nursing Education provides studies of nursing programs of secondary and higher vocational education, along with laboratory diagnosis studies.
There are 4 departments at the Institute of Nursing Education:

– Theory and Practice of Nursing
– Professional Disciplines
– Laboratory Diagnostics

In the context of the education market, the main goal of the Institute of Nursing Education is to provide profitability and competitiveness.