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In 1982, at Irkutsk State Medical University the Faculty of Pediatrics has started its work.

After completing the course a graduate receives medical doctor qualification, majoring in “Pediatrics”.
The faculty prepares students to work in such spheres of healthcare as pediatricians, pediatric surgeons and neonatologists.
Maintaining the health of children and adolescents at a high level is an essential part of the further Russian social and economic growth, that’s why our professionals will always remain in demand.
Professional areas of pediatrics faculty graduates are children’s hospitals, health resorts, schools and pre-schools (kindergartens and day nurseries), research institutions of general medicine and pediatrics profiles.
The graduates majoring in “Pediatrics” have all the necessary skills to work in solving the following issues: healthcare institutions and organizations, mastering in clinical and epidemiological diagnosing, treatment and diagnostics proficiency, provision of medical care at the health clinic stage, provision emergency medical care and prevention of particular diseases, educational initiatives.
Enrollment status of the studies is full-time education, duration of the course – 6 years and 2 years of residency or 1 year of internship.
Major specialties that are available for the further occupation by the graduates of “Pediatrics” faculty are the following: pediatrician, pediatric surgeon, neonatologist, pediatric oncologist, pediatric endocrinologist, a pediatric urologist, and andrologist, a pediatric cardiologist. The last four specialties require in-depth preparing after receiving the primary pediatric specialization certificate or the pediatric surgeon.
The educational process at the faculty of pediatrics is carried out in accordance with the state standards and is based on the following system: general education, biomedical and clinical disciplines. Herein, students who are studying at the pediatrics should possess profound knowledge of the age peculiarities concerning children and adolescents, that’s why at the theoretical departments they study specialized disciplines. Qualified professional training carried out by the faculty is provided by the operational excellence of the higher-education teaching personnel. At the profession-oriented faculty works 7 professors and doctors of science, and the overall rate of academics with a doctorate or Ph.D. degree comprises 90%. Over the years, the main scientific approach of the profession-oriented departments remains “Health protection for mother and child in the region of the Eastern Siberia”. Research activities are being conducted in collaboration with the East-Siberian scientific and medical center of the SB RAMS, the Research Institute of Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery of the Ministry of Health of Russia, the Russian Center of Perinatology, Obstetrics, and Gynecology of the RAMS. Also, many of scientific programs are being realized in collaboration with the International Academy of Man and Nature Safety, the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, the Russian Association of Perinatal Medicine, the Association of Pediatric Anaesthetists of Japan, the Universities of Grenoble (France) and Connecticut (USA).
On completing the course of Pediatrics, the students can get a second medical degree majoring in “General Medicine”, “Public Health”, eliminating the academic curriculum difference.
There is an important point for student and their parents to know about the high demand for pediatricians. The need in such specialists in several exceeds the number of graduates of the Faculty of Pediatrics.