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The Faculty of Pharmacy of Irkutsk State Medical University has started its work in 1941.
After the graduation from the Medical University, the student receives a pharmacist qualification, majoring in Pharmacy. The faculty of ISMU prepares pharmaceutical sales representative for a further active and creative professional career that presupposes research, development, production, packaging, storage, transportation, state registration, certification, standardization and quality control, sales, advertising, use and destruction of drugs (in case they got out of order).
Professional spheres where the pharmacy faculty graduates are needed: production (pharmacies, pharmaceutical factories, chemical, and pharmaceutical plants); organizational-administrative; control and licensing (licensing, certification, registration; general pharmaceutical practice (small retail pharmacy chain); awareness-raising, educational and researching activities.
The graduated pharmacist is prepared to solve the following issues:

  • development, testing, and registration of the medical products, optimization of the existing drugs in correspondence with modern technologies, biopharmaceuticeutical research and methods of control according to the international requirements and standards system;
  • production of medical substances and drugs by the pharmaceutical companies (pharmacies, factories), including organization of the technological process, selection of the technical equipment, provision of proper storage conditions; carrying out professional activities in the control and licensing field;
  • organization and realization of blanks, acceptance of medical plants, determination of the resources of wild medical plants; quality control of medicines and medical plants in the stages of its development, acquisition, use, and storage;
  • developing of standard documentation regulating the terms, technology, quality control, and storage of drugs;
  • management of the pharmaceutical institution, including the organization of the management process in the main links of the pharmaceutical market;
  • management of the pharmaceutical enterprises, the realization of their functioning, main indicators planning and development of the activity approaches;
  • setting up the management and financial audit, conducting of market and pharmaceutical products researches;
  • providing consultations to the experts of medical and pharmaceutical institutions and average people concerning features of using the medicines;
  • carrying out chemical and toxicological testing;
  • organization and realization of medical provision and pre-hospital medical care to the patients and injured in extreme situations;
  • conducting educational, vocational and scientific work in the areas mentioned above.

The enrollment status includes the full-time presence, duration of the course consists of 5 years plus 1 year of internship.
The graduates of the specialty “Pharmacy” can work in the following areas:

– Management and economics of pharmacy;
– Pharmaceutical technologies;
– Pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacognosy.

The educational process of the students at “Pharmacy” faculty is conducted in accordance with the state standards, basing on the following system:

– General, humanities and socio-economical courses;
– General natural courses;
– Specific courses;
– Electives.

The following educational and traineeship programs are incorporated and conducted in the course of professional-oriented courses: pharmacies, chemical, and pharmaceutical plants cultivating medicinal plants (farms).
Qualified professional training of the pharmacists is provided by the operational excellence of the higher-education teaching personnel. About 80% of the personnel is comprised of a Doctor or Ph.D. degree.
The graduates from the faculty of “Pharmacy” of Irkutsk State Medical University work in pharmacies, wholesale and retail companies, centers of quality control and standardization of drugs, pharmaceutical factories, administrative bodies of the manufacturing associations “Pharmacy”, and also on the positions of clinical pharmacologist or forensic expert.
Attention must be drawn to the fact that in recent years the pharmacy chain has expanded considerably, and the need in pharmaceutical sales representatives far exceeds the number of the graduates.