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Our mission in the Irkutsk State Medical University is to provide future specialists with the highest level of professional skills in the sphere of medicine and pharmacy; to develop and improve civil and moral qualities of a personality in the context of global, educational, scientific and information society, considering dynamical changes of the labor market demands.

 Strategic vision – preparing professionals in the field of medicine and pharmacy, science and health care in the Siberian region of Russia, while possessing an international recognition, high attractiveness, and competitiveness.

Strategic aim – occupying a firm position in the group of leading universities, which provide professional training in the field of Russian public health service.

The Quality Policy of the Irkutsk State Medical University

  • Educational activity — an optimal combination of traditional and innovative technologies in the sphere of training professionals on a competitive basis at all levels of the continuous education process ( secondary, high, post-graduate and additional professional education);
  • Scientific work —scientific investigations development, innovation performance and training of personnel with the aim to obtain the highest qualification;
  • International activity — evolvement and strengthening cooperation in the scientific, medical and clinical practice spheres;
  • University management — building such a university staff team, which will be and indeed is result-oriented;
  • Informational support of the Irkutsk State Medical University  — implementation of a modern corporative and informational environment;
  • People management and corporate culture development — steady improvement of professional competence;
  • Taking care of the professional personnel of the Irkutsk State Medical University — the creation of all the necessary conditions for the development of the physical and moral potential of both the personnel and students;
  • Commercial operations —University management system organization with efficient managing, gaining financial autonomy;
  • Health programs development — strengthening of the health system of the East-Siberian region along with providing future professionals with innovative medical centers.

Leading staff of the Irkutsk State Medical University takes responsibility of the creation of conditions needed for achieving the objectives set by the Medical University, providing understanding, execution, and implementation of such a policy at all levels of the organization.

Mission, strategic vision, strategic aim and policies concerning the quality of the Irkutsk State Medical University education process, were approved on the academic board meeting that took place on 27.01.2011.

Rector of Irkutsk State Medical University,

Professor Malov I. V.